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dalur > :Electronic

вторник, 25 сентября 2018 г.
IX teufelin 11:34:28

voodoo in my blood

it’s hopeless now,
i’m drowning slowly

Подкаст kyraehle - and so she fell. (prod. trapcode)

Категории: :Ambient, :Electronic, :Wave, Trapcode, Kyraehle
XVIII teufelin 11:23:58

voodoo in my blood

i lost
but i

Подкаст notmorgn - i lost myself again

Категории: :Ambient, :Electronic, :Wave, Notmorgn, Billie eilish
четверг, 30 августа 2018 г.
K-HS идa 15:49:46

we are no one

Подкаст mum – k/half noise

Категории: :Ambient, :Electronic, :Post-Rock, :Instrumental, Mum
среда, 29 августа 2018 г.
XVIII teufelin 12:37:26

voodoo in my blood

bones sinking like stones
all that we've fought for
homes, places we've grown
all of us are done for

we live in a beautiful world

Подкаст buttxrfly - sinking

Категории: :Electronic, :Ambient, :Lo-Fi, :Wave, Buttxrfly, Coldplay
понедельник, 13 августа 2018 г.
N-CT идa 15:57:16

it's been a while since i've been gone and away
and i watched your eyes reflect me in a terrible way
and the whites of your eyes blackened with a hardened decay

and you talked to me in a broken voice

Подкаст dawn golden – discoloration

Категории: :Electronic, :Ambient, Dawn Golden
комментировать 1 комментарий
пятница, 20 июля 2018 г.
XIX teufelin 12:42:41

voodoo in my blood

the feeling shivers my mind
i know, i should be waiting
the ceiling is closing my eyes
someone should wake me before before i die

Подкаст compact disk dummies - the reeling

Категории: :Electronic, Compact Disk Dummies
XIX teufelin 12:12:24

voodoo in my blood

we’re just some of the other girls
we’re just some of the other boys

we’re gonna dance for the win

Подкаст otha - one of the girls

Категории: :Ambient, :Electronic, :Club, Otha
вторник, 12 июня 2018 г.
IX teufelin 21:25:30

voodoo in my blood

she drives me
into the black hole

the doors opens there
the skin opens there

Подкаст soap & skin - the sun

Категории: :Electronic, Soap & Skin
понедельник, 21 мая 2018 г.
XVIII teufelin 08:03:48

voodoo in my blood

all that we see or seem
is but a dream within a dream

Подкаст clann x charlotte oleena - kin

Категории: :Downtempo, :Chill, :Electronic, Clann
вторник, 8 мая 2018 г.
L-VS идa 13:00:31

d r e a m l a n d

Подкаст stal - airwaves

Категории: :Ambient, :Indie, :Electronic, :Shoegaze, Stal
воскресенье, 6 мая 2018 г.
N-TR идa 20:06:11

your eyes reflect the sky full of stars
i hear the silence

Подкаст matryoshka – monotonous purgatory

Категории: :Ambient, :Post-Rock, :Electronic, Matryoshka
понедельник, 30 апреля 2018 г.
XIII teufelin 09:24:40

voodoo in my blood

when i die and the breeze hands calm
bury me at the break of dawn
leave no marking, no any name
just a place of comfort,
for my tender fate

Подкаст glass face - roses (closure remix)

Категории: :Electronic, :Downtempo, :Remix, Glass Face, Closure
суббота, 24 июня 2017 г.
x идa 06:05:51


­­ caravan palace – lone digger

hey, brother, what you thinking?
leave that old record spinning
you feel the rhythm going
they call it lonely diggin

and get us a rock and roll round

Подкаст Caravan Palace – Lone Digger

Категории: :Electronic, :Electro Swing, Caravan Palace
суббота, 3 июня 2017 г.
x идa 04:26:45

­­ illenium - only one (feat. nina sung) (kill paris remix)

i guess i'll be the first to say it:
i haven't felt this good in a while

you tell me i'm the only one that they would all like
but you're the only one that kept me alive

Подкаст Illenium - Only One (feat. Nina Sung) (Kill Paris Remix)

Категории: :Electronic, :Remix, Illenium, Nina Sung, Kill Paris
воскресенье, 21 мая 2017 г.
x идa 11:27:16


­­ lights & motion – silver lining
­­ fakear – song for jo

healing herbs
// be gentle

Подкаст Lights & Motion - Silver Lining

Категории: :Instrumental, :Ambient, :Post-Rock, :Electronic, Lights & Motion, Fakear
пятница, 19 мая 2017 г.
x идa 10:30:29
­­ ­­

­­­­ linkin park – sharp edges
­­ linkin park – invisible
­­ linkin park – battle symphony
­­ linkin park – good goodbye (feat. pusha t and stormzy)

sharp edges have consequences
now every scar is a story i can tell
we all fall down, we live somehow
we learn what doesn't kill us makes us stronger

Подкаст Linkin Park - Sharp Edges

Категории: :Alternative, :Electronic, :Acoustic, :Electropop, :Pop Rock, Linkin Park
четверг, 18 мая 2017 г.
x идa 16:09:34

­­ l'ignorance dtruit tout – whyb feat. ikari shinji

where have you been? i needed you then
where were you then? it's all your fault

where have you been?
but i'm glad you're here now
hold me now, i'm so lost

where have you been? you took your time
i'm glad you're in my life
now make this right

Подкаст x

Категории: :Electronic, :Ambient, :Dark Ambient, L'Ignorance D truit Tout
вторник, 16 мая 2017 г.
x идa 15:41:46
­­ ­­

­­ odesza – always this late (illenium remix)
­­ oh wonder – shark (illenium remix)
­­ angus & julia stone – a heartbreak (odesza remix)

my wave, my shark, my demon in the dark,
the blue tide pulling me under,
or are you my soul, my heart, pull everything apart?

are you gonna
are you gonna be my love?

Подкаст oh wonder - shark (illenium remix)

Категории: :Chillwave, :Chillout, :Electronic, :Indie, :Indie Pop, :Remix, ODESZA, Oh Wonder, Angus & Julia Stone
идa 15:27:29
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dalur > :Electronic

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